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5-18-2004 The FAQ section has been updated with the most common questions about MyJunkBox services.

4-20-2004 A new webmail interface will be installed soon to make navigation simple and easy to understand. Customers will be notified of any projected downtime.

8-17-2004 MyJunkBox launches a new email management advertising campaign.

6-10-2003 A new website matching MyJunkBox's theme has been launched.

Myjunkbox is an easy approach to managing your junkmail problems. We give you the ability to use a unique email address for every person, company and form you ever give your address to. All email will still land in your central myjunkbox.com email box while being hidden behind each unique address. All messages are fully accessible from a regular email client or our easy to use webmail interface. If for any reason one of these unique addresses receives a large volume of junk mail, simply cut that one address off without having to sever communications with any other parties or change your main email address. All our mail servers are configured to let you use unique addresses for each email as well as block executable attachments eliminating common viruses and worms offering a higher level of email security than traditional email providers. Are you ready to take control of your junk mail problem?